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Balancing giving presents and being present

By Kristy West

THU DEC 09, 2021

I don’t know about you but I have mixed feelings about the holiday season.

While there are wonderful things during this time of year like cooler weather, Christmas lights, and traditions. The holidays also come with stress, pressure and let’s face it...family stuff.

In preparation for this holiday season I wanted to share some tips and ideas for how to stay present during the time when it’s all about giving and receiving “presents”.

Tips On How To Stay Present:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Increase your self care
  • Say "No"
  • Start new traditions - even if the tradition is not having a tradition.
  • If something is no longer fun, stop doing it.
  • Turn off you phone/computer and have fun with your loved ones!

And while my hope for you is that you truly stay present and grounded in your life this season, I also wanted to share some ideas for “presents” for others (or even yourself!) too since this can be a stressor this time of year.

Present Ideas:

  • Race entries for your runner/cyclist family members
  • Pre-paid yoga classes or programs (ahem, I have a program launching in January)
  • Family Favorite recipes
  • Pollinator plants (I can help you with this!!)
  • Alone time

And finally, I’d love to leave you with a quote/affirmation/mantra for this month. It’s something I heard recently and it really resonated with me and I hope it helps you too:

“Keep your head where your feet are.” - Owen Satterley

From me to you and your family, I wish you a safe and lovely holiday season this year.