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Lunge your way into happier hips

By Kristy West

THU APR 01, 2021


Did you know when I teach yoga, I start the class off by asking if there are any parts of the body that need some attention?

Wanna guess what is always mentioned?


The hips and pelvis are a complex part of the body that gets cranky quickly, making life and activity challenging at times.

So this week on my social media channels, I made a couple of posts dedicated to Lunge, a pose that is generally used to create space and stretch in the hip flexors. In these posts, I talked about the benefits of the pose, but also the alternative variations to fit the needs of the student. When it comes to hips, the needs vary so much from person to person. It is my job to make the poses the most beneficial, as well as accessible, for each individual.

I then took it a step further and made a YouTube Video connecting these poses together with the words you would hear in a class of mine. You can see the video here.

✨If you are curious about releasing tension and stress in the hips by stretching and improving joint mobility, join me on Sundays at 10am central on Zoom. The class is called Yoga for Athletes, but don't let that stop you. That just means we focus on creating movements that are sometimes challenging for athletes...like hip openers.

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Questions or concerns? Respond to this email. I'm here to help, even if you don't think you belong in a Yoga for Athletes class. Let's talk about it.


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