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Athletic Mobility Series

Have you been working hard on your fitness, need to stretch, AND still want to feel like you got a workout? Look no further! Athletic Mobility is designed for the athlete in all of us.

This class series (3, 15 minute classes) will focus on releasing muscles in commonly tight areas such as the hips and hamstrings, but also work on creating more mobility in places like the shoulders and low back. It's a perfectly molded collaboration to help increase athletic performance and decrease injury.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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Full Body Recovery

This slow flow style class is an excellent addition to any athlete's workout plan! We will work on incorporating movement in sync with the breath, allowing for better concentration and muscle relaxation.

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Outdoor Yoga for Small Groups

Call up some friends and let's move the yoga class outside! I will come teach a 60 minute class at a location of your choosing.

The style of class is tailored to the students, allowing for participation by beginners as well as advanced yogis.

Space is currently limited to 12 students to follow physical distancing protocols. Price is $10/student.

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Sunset Beach Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the sand and experience class in new way!

The sand offers a challenging balance aspect to our yoga practice while also allowing us to explore our abilities in the poses themselves.

Bring a large blanket or sheet. Yoga mats do not work well on the sand. Also, it will get chilly by the water, so wear appropriate clothes.

Pre-registration and payment required.

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Yoga for Athletes on Zoom

This class is built with the student's needs in mind. We will start off by asking for any suggestions, such as particular poses or any specific areas of the body that need strengthening or releasing. I teach a flow style of yoga, minus the Sun Salutations (though there is time to do some should you choose).

Since this class is offered on Zoom, I get to see the students! This makes for a more interactive class for us all.

All participants will get a digital copy of class!

$10 to Venmo (Kristy-West-8), PayPal (KristyWest8), or pay via credit card at sign up.

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Yoga in the Park

This in-person weekly class will offer 60 minutes of outdoor yoga bliss!

We have students with all experiences, from beginners to power yoga instructors, all of whom find benefit from this class. Plus, we get to talk to each other instead of at a computer screen!

Bring a blanket or sheet for under your mat.

We meet at the big trees on Pensacola Technology Campus, between E Salamanca and 9th Ave.

Preferred payment as cash or Venmo (Kristy-West-8), though credit card payment is available through sign up.

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Thanksgiving Day Yoga in the Park

Let's step away from the stress of the holidays and find some relaxation on the mat.

Thanksgiving puns are highly likely, haha.

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Black Friday Yoga in the Park

Take a break from the hustle and bustle to find a breath of fresh air on your mat.