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Yoga for Athletes on Zoom

This class is built with the student's needs in mind. We will start off by asking for any suggestions, such as particular poses or any specific areas of the body that need strengthening or releasing. I teach a flow style of yoga, minus the Sun Salutations (though there is time to do some should you choose).

Since this class is offered on Zoom, I get to see the students! This makes for a more interactive class for us all.

All participants will get a digital copy of class!

$10 to Venmo (Kristy-West-8), PayPal (KristyWest8), or pay via credit card at sign up.

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Saturday Morning Yoga via Zoom

Take your Saturday morning yoga class to a location of YOUR choosing. Class will be offered via Zoom allowing you to practice where you wish. Grab some friends and head to the park or crank up the heat and practice from your living room. The possibilities are endless!

Each student will need to register to sign the waiver. For just $10/person you'll get the live class AND a digital copy to keep.

We have students with all experiences, from beginners to power yoga instructors, all of whom find benefit from this class. Don't let the computer screen deter you from taking class - I will still offer my usual sass and good time 😎

Preferred payment via Venmo (Kristy-West-8) or PayPal (KristyWest8), though credit card payment is available through sign up.

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January 10 Zoom Classes Package (Saturday 9:30, Sunday 10am)

Use this link to sign up for all 10 Zoom classes for the month of January. Pay once and you will automatically be registered for each class and have the digital copy sent to you to keep forever!

If you pay via through this link, there will be credit card fees added. To avoid that, pay directly through Venmo (Kristy-West-8) or PayPal Friends and Family (KristyWest8).